Call for the European Congress 2021

Who wants to host the IALE 2021 European Landscape Ecology Congress?

Expression of interest

IALE-Europe is launching a call for proposals to host the next IALE European Congress in 2021. The European Congress takes place every four years. In this millennium, already five editions were organised: Stockholm/Tartu (Sweden/Estonia, 2001), Faro (Portugal, 2005), Salzburg (Austria, 2009), Manchester (UK, 2013) and Ghent (Belgium, 2017).

The next European Congress is considered to be organized by (a) national chapter(s) and/or universities, institutions, landscape related networks. Also, countries without a national chapter are very much encouraged, since the organisation will be in close collaboration with IALE-Europe. 

We are looking forward to receiving expressions of interest before 15 January 2019 by sending an email to


Full proposals

Full proposals have to be submitted in Spring 2019.

Following aspects can be addressed (a form will be provided in January 2019):

  • Group (lead organiser(s), national chapter(s), universities, institutions involved, ...)
  • Proposed theme
  • Keywords related to the theme
  • Possible themes for the sessions
  • Scientific committee (ideas for composition, how to ensure the quality of sessions and papers)
  • Ideas for the congress program (general outline)
  • Ideas for the review process (open call for symposia, ...)
  • Ideas for the practical organisation (congress secretariat, website, ...)
  • Ideas for the excursions (destinations, organisational aspects ...)
  • Ideas for the social program
  • Sustainability issues (environmental impact, ...)
  • Proposed timing (month)
  • Location (city, country)
  • Venue (facilities)
  • Max. number of participants
  • Accessibility to the venue (airfare from main European cities, amenities at the venue, ...)
  • Accommodation possibilities for participants
  • Budget and financial strategy (opportunities for sponsorship, funding, ...)
  • Motivation (Why should the next European Congress be organised in your country?)