Perception of Landscape - why does it matters?

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Åsa Ode Sang, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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Åsa Ode Sang

In 2006 Tveit, Ode and Fry presented a framework for analysing visual aspects of the landscape in which nine key concepts were identified based on an extensive literature review within the field. These concepts have formed the basis for several studies and experiments over the last 10 years in relation to research within landscape perception, landscape preference, scenic beauty, cultural ecosystem services and public health. Exploration has also been done to show how these concepts correspond to spatial concepts of importance for ecological function within the landscape (Fry et al. 2009).

This presentation draws on results from the research that stems from this research and presents a critical assessment as well as an update of the framework based on the evidence and testing of the concepts put forward by Tveit et al. 2006. Within this presentation it will be further outlined how the framework developed in 2006 could be expanded from the focus on visual concepts to take into account the multi-sensoric experiences of landscape within transdisciplinary research.


Tveit, M., Ode, Å., Fry, G. (2006) Key concepts in a framework for analysing visual landscape character
Landscape Research, 31 (3), pp. 229-255.
Fry, G., Tveit, M., Ode, Å., Velarde, M. (2009) The ecology of visual landscapes: Exploring the conceptual common ground of visual and ecological landscape indicators. Ecological Indicators, 9 (5), pp. 933-947

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