Before and during the IALE2017 congress, different excursion will be organised. All excursions are included in the registration fee.
We kindly ask you to register beforehand for logistic reasons, you can find the webform here.

The regions of the excursions can be explored on the IALE2017 map: www.iale2017.eu/map

Monday 11 September - Pre-congress City Walk Ghent

The day prior to the official start of the congress, walking excursions will be organised to introduce you in the urban landscapes of the historic city centre of Ghent. 

Wednesday 13 September – excursion day

During the congress, eight excursions will be organised, according to the main themes of the congress.

The specific regions of the excursions can be explored on the IALE2017 map: www.iale2017.eu/map.

Theme 1 - Landscapes interacting with borders and frontiers

1. Westland: the transborder landscapes of western part of Belgium and the north west of France
2. Interfaces of land use and landscapes in the peri-urban fringe of Brussels

Theme 2 - Landscape: where heritage and nature meet

3. Houtland: castles and cultural landscapes around Bruges
4. From polder to heathland in North-East Antwerp: Stabroek – Mastenbos – Kalmthoutse Heide 
5. Landscape ‘De Liereman’
6. Sonian Forest 

Theme 3 - Landscapes reflecting new functions and challenges

7. Landscapes of the harbour of Ghent and Zeeland 
8. Borinage: the reconversion of industrial and mining landscapes

Practical issues:

  • All bus excursions will leave in front of the station Gent-Dampoort, which is in walking distance from the city centre (see www.iale2017.eu/map).
  • The full day excursions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8) will leave between 8h30 and 9h and come back to Ghent between 17h30 and 20h (depending on the traffic and destination). Half day excursions (6, 7) will leave at 13h30 and come back to Ghent between 18h and 19h. More about the timing and practicalities can be find in the detailed descriptions of each excursion.
  • The weather in September is usually mild, with day temperatures between 15 and 20° and rain between 65 and 120 mm on average. Provide proper walking gear and prepare both for sun and rain.