The Ecosystem Services framework and the concept of Landscape: towards holistic territorial linking pattern, processes and people across Europe

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Ecosystem services deficit areas in urban cross-boundary landscape context. Spatial analysis of green and grey systems of Cieszyn and Český Těšín.

(1) Marcin Spyra, (2,3) Luis Inostroza, (4) Adam Hamerlad, (4) Jan Bondaruk

1) Martin-...

Assessment of ecosystem services provided by semi-natural grasslands as a basis for promoting conservation measures.

M.Villoslada1, K.Sepp1, R.G.H.Bunce1, R.D. Ward2 & J.Raet1.

(1) Estonian University...

Imagining novel landscape approaches for territorial development in the Mediterranean (and beyond)

José Muñoz-Rojas* & Teresa Pinto-Correia*

* ICAAM-Universidade de Évora, Núcleo da...

Non-commercial evaluation of forest service’s: variability in function of geographical region and natural forest type in the northwest Iberian

Diaz-Maroto, Ignacio J.

Departamento de Ingeniería Agroforestal, Universidad de Santiago...

Highly valued agricultural landscapes and their ecosystem services in the suburban areas, the example of Wrocław, Poland.

Iga Solecka, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Marta Sylla, Wrocław...

Ecosystem services rural landscape in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula during the last century: A territorial approach of processes and people by the landscape ecology

Diaz-Maroto, Ignacio J.

Departamento de Ingeniería Agroforestal, Universidad de Santiago...

How do farmers’ representations influence landscapes? A multi-scale approach combining mental modelling and forest monitoring in South-western France

Julien Blanco, UMR 1201 Dynafor, INRA (French National Institute of Agricultural Research)...

A socio-ecological approach to support the management of High Nature Value farmlands: lessons from the study of an extensive sheep grazing system

Aitor Andonegi (1, 2), Eneko Garmendia (2,3) and Arantza Aldezabal(1)

(1) Department of...

Spatial units for the assessment of cultural ecosystem services: the cultural heritage value of Scottish landscapes

N. Stanik 1,2, I. Aalders 1

1 The James Hutton Institute, Craigiebuckler Aberdeen AB15...

Revisiting futures: time and culture in landscape studies

Hannes Palang et al
Tallinn University

Mapping of land cover/ use changes for the evaluation of ecosystems and their services in the Mediterranean River catchments, (W. Greece)

Aikaterini Kostara1, P. Manolaki1, Andrianos Retalis2, Eva Papastergiadou1*

1 Department...

Landscape-based approaches to ecosystem services modelling across scales

Benjamin Burkhard
Institute of Physical Geography & Landscape Ecology

Ecosystem services – a new Esperanto to facilitate participatory planning processes?

Marcin Spyra - a
Christine Fürst - a
Janina Kleemann - b
Daniel Rozas-Vásquezc...

Provision of entertainment cultural ecosystem services in the cross-boundary landscape

Marcin Spyra a
Daniele La Rosa b
Christine Fürst a
Martin Schultze a


Spatial information on ecosystem services for improved landscape decision making

Louise Willemen
Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University...

Assessing the provision of ecosystem services along an urban-rural gradient in Central Spain

Herrero-Jáuregui C1, Arnaiz-Schmitz C2, Herrera L2, Smart SM3, Pineda FD1, Montes C2, Schmitz...

How European Landscape transitions affect the provision of landscape services

Theo van der Sluis, Alterra Wageningen University and Research
Søren B. P. Kristensen, Dep...

Modelling and Mapping key Ecosystem Services. The case of Scotland

Alessandro Gimona, The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, UK
Laura Poggio,The James Hutton...

Community level patterns of landscape services across multifunctional landscapes in rural Tanzania

Nora Fagerholm1), Salla Eilola1), Danielson Kisanga2) Vesa Arki1), Niina Käyhkö1)


Towards holistic territorial approaches linking pattern, processes and people: experiences from landscape approach initiatives in Europe’s West and East

Per Angelstam and Marine Elbakidze
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of...

Landscape Identity and Recreation in the cultural landscape of Monte Verde, Minas Gerais , Brazil

Bachi, Laura; Carvalho Ribeiro, Sónia

Universidade Federal of Minas Gerais UFMG, Programa...

Multi-criteria evaluation of landscapes general resilience and potentials

Ksenia Merekalova, Anastasia Kharitonova
Moscow Lomonosov State University, Faculty of...

Linking Ecosystem Services and territorial development through the agrarian system approach - A case study at the Nicaraguan agricultural frontier

Gert Van Hecken, Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB), University of Antwerp;...