Announcement of Election Results 2022-2025

To all members of IALE-Europe

You were invited to participate the elections of a new Executive Committee (EC) of IALE‐Europe and a new Representative of IALE-Europe. As always, it is of upmost importance that members express their vote, as active members of an association. 

As decided at the meeting of the General Assembly of IALE-Europe on 12 July 2022, the elections for a new Executive Committee (EC) and Representative for the IALE Council were planned from 15 July to 15 October 2022, all online. The call for candidate lists to the IALE-Europe Executive Committee and to nominate a representative for IALE-Europe in the IALE-Council has been sent out in July 2022. On the deadline of 15 September 2022, the Nominating Committee received one candidate list for the EC and one nomination as representative for the IALE-Council. The names composing the list and the name of the representative are below in this message. 

This list secures continuity with the precedent Executive Committee, continuing the consistent and constructive work done so far, while also at the same time, integrating new members and therefore also renewed energy and ideas to fulfill the mission and the goals of IALE-Europe. As we, the Nomination Committee, received only this one list for a new EC and one nomination for representative, all members were asked to vote whether to agree/disagree/abstain with the proposed list and representative. This election was taking place from 7 November 2022 until 25 November 2022. There were 372 members in good standing invited in the election.

The results of the elections are:

  1. Election of the IALE-Europe Executive Committee
    Yes 88 / No 0 / Abstain 2
  2. Election of representative of IALE-Europe for the IALE-Council
    Yes 65 / No 0 / Abstain 4

We believe the lower number of votes for the representative to the IALE-Council than for the Executive Committee, is related to voting members who did not realize that two separate votes were needed. In any case, the voting members represent a comfortable number, actively supporting the candidates and the work of IALE-Europe. We herewith would like to thank all those who expressed their vote. 

All information about the elected Executive Committee and Representative including the Action Plan 2022-2025 you'll find at the EC webpage.    

With warm regards to the whole IALE-Europe community,

Teresa Pinto-Correia
Chair of the Nominating Committee

Emilio Padoa-Schioppa
Member of the Nominating Committee – IALE Italy

Markéta Šantrůčková
Member of the Nominating Committee – IALE Czech Republic