European Association for Landscape Ecology

Salzburg's old town from Mönchsberg

The European Association for Landscape Ecology - IALE-Europe - was founded in 2009 during the European Congress of Salzburg. IALE-Europe has been created to represent consistently the common landscape ecology approach at the European scale. The goals of IALE-Europe are:

  • To harbour all the individual members from regions or countries in Europe where there is no active national chapter, allowing their approaches and the landscapes they are working with, to be represented at a relevant scale.
  • To collaborate actively with the existing and active national chapters to join efforts for the promotion of activities particularly relevant for European landscapes.
  • To collaborate actively with the IALE-International in order to strengthen the impact of the landscape ecology research, education and practice, partially by supporting the recognition of the existing differentiation of landscapes and perspectives worldwide. 
  • To contribute actively to the knowledge in society about the complex natural and cultural interactions of European landscapes; the added value of the landscape ecology integrative perspective; and the need for a much more systemic research approach. We aim do this through the permanent and open dialogue with European institutions and decision-makers.