IALE-Europe Member Survey 2018

The Executive Committee of IALE-Europe 2017-2021 wants to collect the different perspectives and ideas of all the IALE members within Europe. IALE-Europe is built upon the community of the different members and therefore we want to include your expertise, aspirations and ideas to strengthen our common work and to contribute to the future of landscape ecology in Europe.

In addition, we want to map the different backgrounds, practices, generations and regions of the members, to understand the whole community of IALE in Europe. 

We invite you to respond the the questions of the survey before June 2018, so we can use your input in the organisation of a IALE-Europe symposium on the next world congress.

The outcome of the survey will be published on the IALE-Europe website and will be integrated in the action plan for the next years.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

1. IALE-Europe

Please specify the IALE activities you have participated in, if not mentioned above
Please enter possible issues you wish to discuss at the IALE 2019 World congress

2. Communication and outreach

Please enter any other information channels you find important for sharing landscape ecology news

3. Your background

Please specify your educational and/or professional background if not listed above.
Please specify your work activities if not listed above

4. Other suggestions

5. Contact details

If you want to be contacted by the EC for future activities or specific outcomes of the survey, please add your contact details below