Following the open call, 28 symposia will be organised at the congress.  We welcomed proposals from people with a background in science, policy or practice as well as from different landscape related disciplines in natural and social sciences.

The symposia will be organised in seven thematic groups. These will be organised in parallel sessions ensuring strong thematic lines combining complementary symposia. Next to the parallel sessions, the different poster sessions (linked with the different symposia) throughout the congress will be an important way to present research.

Landscape ecological methods & techniques

  1. Beyond the mosaic: a better characterisation of landscapes would help to understand ecological patterns and processes (M&T - 1)
  2. Bioresource Mapping in Microsensor Age (M&T - 2)
  3. 3D Landscapes. Metrics, techniques and applications (M&T - 3)
  4. Digital transdisciplinarity in the landscape sciences – Integrating multiple types of digital data in studies of landscape change (M&T - 4)
  5. Connectivity in human-dominated landscapes: current status, new approaches, and future challenges (M&T - 5)

Ecosystem & Landscape Services

  1. Integrating renewable and non-renewable energy development with landscape service trade-offs (ESS & LSS - 1)
  2. Predicting the future provision of ecosystem services in European ever-changing landscapes (ESS & LSS - 2)
  3. The Ecosystem Services framework and the concept of Landscape: towards holistic territorial linking pattern, processes and people across Europe (ESS & LSS - 3)
  4. Social – Ecological Systems and participatory methods for sustainable landscape management (ESS & LSS - 4)

From Data Gathering to Engagement

  1. Landscape monitoring for improving resource management (DG E - 1)
  2. Landscape monitoring: towards integrating social and natural science indicators (DG E - 2)
  3. Active Local Participation for landscape monitoring: research and practical experiences in and around ELC Landscape Observatories (DG E - 3)
  4. Transdisciplinary landscape research focusing on landscape perception and preference (DG E - 4)

Production in Landscape

  1. Business as an agent in implementing green infrastructure for ecosystem services in intensive production landscapes (PL - 1)
  2. Revisiting the role of farms and farmers in an urbanising society – peri-urban areas in transition (PL - 2)
  3. European rural landscapes in transition: implications for policy and planning (PL - 3)
  4. Reconciling agriculture and nature conservation across scales: challenges and opportunities for future social-ecological sustainability of high nature value farmlands (PL - 4 )

Culture in Landscape

  1. Sustainable futures for Europe’s cultural landscapes – Insights from integrating a cultural perspective into landscape ecology (CL - 1)
  2. Landscape as heritage – searching for the roots to build resilience (CL - 2)
  3. Landscape, migration and integration - Cancelled
  4. From fragility to empowerment: new approaches to landscape community development after de adoption of UN’s SDG’s (CL - 3 )
  5. Biocultural landscapes and the human scale of ecology (CL - 4)

Landscape Planning and Management

  1. Landscape Planning and Nature-based Solutions (LP & M - 1)
  2. Strategic planning – a way of incorporating landscape thinking into regional development (LP & M - 2)
  3. Urban Green Infrastructure Planning – evidence based interdisciplinary research across Europe (LP & M - 3)
  4. Linking Landscape Ecology to Regional Planning and Conservation in Semi-Arid areas, Obstacles and Solutions (LP & M - 4)
  5. Integrated water landscape planning and management (LP & M - 5)

Landscape Education and Awareness Raising

  1. Landscape Education and Awareness Raising in the 21st Century (LE - 1)