Transdisciplinary landscape research focusing on landscape perception and preferences

Wenche Dramstad, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO),

Åsa Ode Sang, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,

Lien Dupont, Ghent University,

Wendy Fjellstad, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO),

Mari Sundli Tveit, Norwegian University of Life Sciences,


The symposium will focus on the role of transdisciplinary landscape research with specific focus on perception studies within the field of landscape ecology. There is increasing acceptance that landscape changes should be planned and managed in a way that takes account of stakeholder perceptions and seeks to maintain, or even improve, both landscape experience and ecological functioning. We welcome presentations on different transdisciplinary research approaches exploring perception and experience of landscape patterns and processes, their link to ecosystem services and integration into planning, assessment, management and design of landscapes. 


The focus is on research on landscape perception in a broad and transdisciplinary sense, as a human sensory experience of the landscape. While our understanding of ecological functioning and processes of many landscapes has increased, there still appears to be potential for improvement regarding the transformation of this knowledge into real world landscape changes. Could this be influenced by a lack of transdisciplinarity in landscape studies? How can the findings of perception studies influence potential landscape management and change? What are the potential conflicts between human landscape desires and ecological functioning and how might these be resolved? How can we achieve a better integration of human landscape perception in landscape ecology?  

Possible themes to be included are:

  • Landscape content and structure and its effect on landscape perception and experience
  • Perception of landscape change processes
  • Engagement and actions within the landscape and their effect on landscape perception and experience
  • The link between perception and ecosystem services
  • Perception and experience linked to biodiversity
  • Perception as a multisensory experience of the landscape
  • How to use landscape perception and experience knowledge in landscape planning and design?
  • How can landscape perception and landscape experience studies contribute to landscape ecology?
  • Landscape perception and artificially created landscapes or landscape parks
  • Perception and experience of water in the landscape
  • To what extent does landscape perception influence landscape management and change?

What can participants expect to learn?

The aim of the session is to bring together speakers working transdisciplinarily in the field of landscape perception and experience, going from scientists, experts and young researchers to policy makers and practitioners. The symposium offers the opportunity to learn more about the ongoing work in landscape perception and to strengthen the international network of stakeholders from different disciplines all concerned with this topic. The session will mainly focus on the importance and usefulness of landscape perception and experience studies for landscape ecology and how knowledge obtained from landscape perception research can be used in landscape ecology, including themes such as the management and monitoring of ecosystem services, biodiversity and landscape management in general. 


Depending on the quality and quantity of the presented work, a special issue in a journal could be considered as well as a joint paper providing a state-of-the-art about the relevance and contribution of landscape perception knowledge for landscape ecology research.


Oral presentations
Perception of Landscape - why does it matters?
Åsa Ode Sang, Dept. of Landscape Architecture,...
Preferences for semi-natural areas in the agricultural landscape
Svein Olav Krøgli, Wenche Dramstad, Grete...
Participation and landscape perception for the conservation and management of historical terraced landscapes. Two case studies from Italy.
Mauro Agnoletti, Antonio Santoro, Martina Tredici...
Perception and preference of day-night differences in landscape: An eye-tracking study
Xinyi Zhou, Lien Dupont, Marc Antrop, Veerle Van...
Perception of landscape under different forest measurements
Åsa Ode Sang, Dept. of Landscape Architecture,...
Choice modelling to describe qualities explaining visual landscape quality
Beatrice Schüpbach1, Philippe Jeanneret1,...
Perceived qualities of riverine nature-based and technical solutions to flooding
Sarah Gottwald1* Christian Albert1,2 1) Leibniz...
It’s the place meaning that matter: Is the assessment of place meaning improving controversial community wind energy planning in Switzerland?
Stefanie Müller Swiss Federal Institute for...
Exploring links between landscape perception and sense of place as a cultural ecosystem service through interviews and user-generated content
Flurina M. Wartmann, Geography Department,...
Perception of landscape change in transboundary European areas
Prof. Éva Konkoly-Gyuró, University of Sopron,...
European cross-site comparison of place-based ecosystem services in multifunctional rural landscapes
Fagerholm Nora and Plieninger Tobias University...
The ecosystem service concept’s adding value: What are the effects of different ways of representing ecosystem services for perception and valuation of a river landscape?
Cedric Gapinski, Leibniz Universität Hannover,...
The use of socio-cultural valuation of ecosystem services for the prediction of landscape preferences
Katja Schmidt, Landscape Management Group,...
Integrating stakeholder perspectives into environmental planning through social valuation of ecosystem services: Guidance and Prototype Applications
A. Walz, Univ. of Potsdam K. Schmidt, University...
Green infrastructures for human well-being in European forest landscapes
Marine Elbakize Swedish University of...