Working Group Europe's Stakeholders - Shaping Future Policy and Science


This working group aims to put landscape ecology on the European agenda by establishing relations with different European institutions (European Union and Council of Europe) and other associations and networks. Furthermore, the working group is organizing different symposia to exchange ideas during IALE congresses on how to move forward with landscape ecology in Europe.


Activities 2017-2022

Symposium 'Policy making for European landscapes', organised at the IALE 2022 Landscape Ecology Congress in Warsaw/online

  • Description can be read here and overview of the contributions can be read here 

Symposium 'How is Landscape Ecology shaped by research policies?', organised at the 10th IALE World Congress in Milan 2019

  • Description and overview of the contributions can be read here
  • Reflections can be read here


Activities 2013-2017

  • Development leaflet "10 key Messages of Landscape Ecology"
  • Interviews with people from different DG's of the European Union addressing the expectations of policy makers at the European level towards landscape ecology
  • A survey among members addressing the experiences of researchers and practitioners working with landscape in different European regions
  • Paper presentation at the IALE World Congress 2015, Portland (US) 



  • Antrop, M., Loupa-Ramos, I., Christensen, A.A., Van Eetvelde, V. (2019) 10 Key Messages of Landscape Ecology - Leaflet - download
  • Antrop, M., Brandt, J., Loupa-Ramos, I., Padoa-Schioppa, E., Porter, J., Van Eetvelde, V., Pinto-Correia, T. (2013). How landscape ecology can promote the development of sustainable landscapes in Europe: the role of the European Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE-Europe) in the twenty-first century. Landscape Ecology, 28, 1641-1647 - link
  • The European Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE-Europe) Setting the scene: The specificity of landscape ecology in Europe in the 21st century. IALE Bulletin, May 2009, Paper, 25 Pages - download


Coordination: Excecutive Committee