Working Group Education in Landscape Ecology - Sharing Knowledge and Experience


This working group aims to exchange landscape ecology education and teaching at different levels. It focuses on how landscape ecology can be integrated in official curricula or in activities for the wider public on novel, innovative and creative ways.

The intensive PhD courses in landscape ecology are considered as one of the main activities for junior landscape ecology researches to introduce them into the interdisciplinary understanding of landscapes. 


Activities 2017-2022

Special issue on Education in Landscape Online Read more here.

The special issue aims at assemble articles that bring to discussion the way teaching and learning landscape ecology could be innovated and improved.  Questions that the Special Issue aims to tackle are: What kind of teaching innovations can contribute to building up the knowledge and competencies of the future generations? Are we using the appropriate concepts and teaching methods? How can we get students more interested in landscape ecological related topics? What are the societal demands towards landscape ecology teaching?

Symposium 'Teaching and learning landscape ecology and planning in times of growing uncertainties. Challenges ahead during and after the COVID-19 pandemic', organised at the IALE 2022 Landscape Ecology European Congress in Warsaw/online

  • Description can be read here and and overview of contributions can be read here

Symposium 'Innovating teaching and learning landscape ecology to address the challenges of the Anthropocene', organised at the 10th IALE World Congress in Milan 2019

  • Description can be read here
  • Reflections can be read ​here


Activities 2013-2017

Symposium 'Landscape Education and Awareness Raising in the 21st Century', organised at IALE2017 European Congress in Ghent (Belgium)

  • Description and overview of the contributions can be read here


Symposium 'Landscape ecology education in a changing world', organised at IALE2013 European Congress in Manchester (UK)

  • Description and overview of the contributions can be read here


IALE-Europe PhD Courses 

  1. ​Edition 2012 - Évora (Portugal) - Agricultural Landscapes Responding to Multiple Drivers. In collaboration with APEP (Portuguese Society for Landscape Ecology) & ICAAM/UE (Institute for Mediterranean Agrarian and Environmental Sciences, University of Évora)
  2. Edition 2013 - Manchester (UK) - European Landscapes in Transition: the Interplay between Local and Global Drivers
  3. Edition 2015 - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Cultural Landscapes, Sustainability and New Modes of Governance. In collaboration with the Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management (IGN), University of Copenhagen. Read more here.
  4. Edition 2017 - Ghent (Belgium) - From Pattern and Process to People and Action. In collaboration with the Geography Department, Ghent University. Read more here.
  5. Edition 2019 - Milan (Italy) - Meeting Global Challenges and Exploring Insights from Landscape Ecology. Read more here.


Coordination: Excecutive Committee