Working Group Landscape Ecology and Practice - Bridging Science and Society


This working group aims to strengthen the understanding of how landscape ecology contributes to landscape planning and design and to place this topic higher on the agenda of landscape ecologists, scientists and practitioners. 

It is commonly expressed how landscape ecology is a science with an applied focus. To aid in this process of application, various principles and guidelines have been forwarded. And we believe that landscape ecology does indeed influence the design and planning of landscapes. We further believe that compiling a set of best practice examples could benefit e.g. those new to the field, as a source of inspiration and for learning by doing. So we are searching for examples where landscape ecology had been a source of knowledge in landscape planning and where the link with landscape ecology was explicitly communicated.

Based on the current insights of the working group, there is still little exchange of knowledge and expertise that enabled bridging science and society. The working group will further progress by looking into concrete practice examples and the way landscape ecology principles have been tackled.

The working group is welcoming your examples too.



The working group aims to collect practical examples illustrating how landscape ecological principles are used in practice. The following activities have been carried out:

  • Master thesis on landscape ecology in planning based on a questionnaire sent to planners and landscape architects (MSc thesis in Dept. of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway)  (see download
  • Review of proceedings of ialeUK conferences 
  • Interactive poster presentation at the IALE World Congress 2015, Portland (US) (see: poster)
  • Presentation at the European Landscape Ecology Congress IALE 2017, Ghent (Belgium) (see here)


Coordination: Excecutive Committee (Wenche Dramstad, Isabel Loupa-Ramos)