National chapters in the spotlight

In our new newsletters series we regularely offer European IALE regions the opportunity to introduce themselves to the community: 

Autumn 2020: 
IALE Region Sweden 
International Association for Landscape Ecology - Swedish Chapter - Learn more about

Autumn 2020: 
IALE Region Russia 
Международная Ассоциация Ландшафтной Экологии - Россия - Learn more about

Autumn 2019: 
IALE Region Romania
International Association for Landscape Ecology - Romanian Chapter - Learn more about

Spring 2019: 
IALE Region Turkey
Peyzaj Araştırmaları Derneği (PAD) - Learn more about

Autumn 2018: 
IALE Region Spain
Asociacion Internacional de Ecología del Paisaje España (AEEP) - Learn more about


If your IALE Region wants to be next, please contact us.